Coombe Fisheries

Our Products

We are proud of our reputation for supplying the highest quality products and for the care and attention we take to ensure they arrive in the best condition possible which keeps our customers coming back for more. Our exports, which comprise 85% of our business, are sent on dedicated vehicles and we always ensure that we use respected, established hauliers.

Tastes as good as they look

Our fresh half shell King Scallops are carefully selected from our day tripper boats to give optimum taste and freshness. Hand cut, they are washed, individually selected for premium quality and packed with ice for same day dispatch to UK and Western Europe

Prepared and ready for use

This product is simply the whole cuttlefish , fully cleaned , individually quick frozen (IQF) and glazed as required. Call or email us from more information.

Freshly frozen to seal in the goodness

We take our fresh king scallops and IQF them courtesy of our tunnel blast freezer. We then apply a glaze as per your requirement prior to packing. Available with or without overnight soak.

Taste better than they look

By buying daily on local markets, we can offer high quality, unwashed whole cuttlefish. Block frozen to -30°c or lower within a matter of hours, we grade and pack in 17kg blocks.

Scallop shells; so versatile, so buy some

Hand selected, these beautiful shells are available retaining their natural colouration on the back as pictured - as individual as a fingerprint - or acid washed for a more uniform, white aspect. Use as serving dishes, for arts and crafts, as decorative garden items or for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Individually cleaned and carefully graded, for the larger scale user they are available in boxes of 180 to 400 according to size or we can supply in pallet sized, re-usable plastic magnum containers. Contact us for more details.

Heavenly taste

The taste of a truly fresh king scallop is without compare. Ours are no exception. They are cut by hand, not machine, and are kept at the optimum temperature to retain their freshness and succulence. With our king scallops you receive just that - unadulterated king scallop meat; we use no additives or preservatives. Daily dispatch to UK and Europe.

Simply defrost and use

A great product!. These half shell scallops are swiftly blast frozen to ensure none of their intrinsic qualities are lost. Available in 2 sizes and glazed to your specification