At Coombe Fisheries, we constantly strive to improve efficiency. We recognise the importance of our front-line personnel, currently employing over 90 staff. Valuing their health, safety and wellbeing, we have appointed staff advocates to help new joiners ‘bed in’. We hold regular consultative meetings and offer an ongoing training and development programme. We are particularly proud of developing talented people, enabling them to progress through the company.


“Coombe Fisheries’ Cuttlefish and Scallop products are some of the most important items we offer.
The constant excellent quality standard and the very good prices allow us to be always competitive in our market and to give our clients flawless service every day of the year” European Wholesaler

Everybody in the Seafood Industry rightly talks about quality; we are no different and stand by our claims.

Along with detailed and comprehensive HACCP plans for all our products, we are also BRC certified to AA grade. What is BRC? BRC is, quite simply, the world leading Quality Management Standard. We have been BRC certified since 2001, making us a very early adopter of this prestigious and demanding standard.

We believe this makes us different.


Sustainability and the environment are very important to us.

Which is how it should be.

And as such, we sit on several industry groups to ensure its long-term viability.

Despite the scallop industry not being shown in the best light, everyone involved is very proactive in ensuring the viability and sustainability of stock levels. Always looking for improvements to fishing methods, the industry is constantly gathering scientific data, allowing informed decisions to be made. Crucial biomass studies at PhD level have been sponsored by us and other processors.

“The opportunities for growth here are tremendous. I have a career with this company, not just a job.”

We care deeply about our environment and the health of our oceans, especially the levels of plastic. We are constantly looking to improve bio-degradable solutions within our own business and continue to increase the awareness around levels of plastic waste. In 2009, we installed a compactor which allows us to recycle 100% of our plastic and cardboard.  The same year saw the installation of a voltage reduction system, reducing our electricity consumption by 8% across the site.  In 2012, we installed a 41.3kwh solar array followed by an additional 60kwh array in 2013. This means we are close to having saved 250 tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere, (based on average UK electricity mix). We regularly renew our trucks to make the most of technological advances. and we support the Cycle to Work Scheme, with over 70% of our employees walking or cycling to work.

We are committed, through investment, to do all we can to help protect the environment for future generations.

Because We Care

85% of our business is exports

We are well known for supplying the highest quality products and ensuring they arrive in the best possible condition. This keeps our customers coming back for more. Our exports, currently 90% of our business, are sent on dedicated vehicles using only respected and trustworthy partners.

“We have been working with Coombe Fisheries Ltd for 15 years and are extremely satisfied with the standard of their products and service given. Their products are permanently in our range and due to constant, high demand we always need to have it in our stock. ”