We have a very simple aim – to provide very high levels of product quality and service.

We achieve this constantly striving to be better; pushing for improvements, fine-tuning our methods; we never stop. Our eye for detail and constant drive is to be found everywhere in our company.

Fresh King Scallop Meat

We carefully select to ensure you receive product of the optimum taste and freshness. Hand cut, the scallop meats are washed, quality checked again before packing with ice for despatch to Western Europe.

Fresh Half Shell King Scallops

The same carefully selected products but left on the curved shell. Hand cut, they are washed, individually selected for premium quality and packed with ice for despatch to Western Europe.

Frozen King Scallop Meat

We IQF our fresh king scallop meats on our spiral freezer. Once frozen we can add any glaze, tailored to individual customers requirements.

Frozen Half Shell King Scallops

We take our fresh half shell king scallops and IQF them courtesy of our spiral freezer. We then apply a glaze as per your requirement prior to packing.

Whole Unprocessed Scallops

Carefully selected to give optimum taste and freshness, these whole scallops are washed and graded by size before being frozen and packed to your requirement.

Frozen Whole Cleaned Cuttlefish

Fully cleaned, individually quick frozen (IQF) and glazed as required, our cleaned cuttlefish is prepared and ready for use.

Frozen Whole Unwashed Cuttlefish

By buying daily on local markets, we can offer high quality, unwashed whole cuttlefish. Block frozen to -25°c or lower within a matter of hours, we grade and pack in 17kg blocks.

Washed Unprocessed Cuttlefish

The same locally sourced cuttlefish, this time washed before being block frozen in 7kg packs.

Frozen Sprat

Sprats are supplied by a fishing vessel that we co-own with the skipper. This gives us continuity of supply for this hard to source product. Frozen Sprats, firstly graded by size, then either block frozen or IQF.

Frozen Cooked (Ready To Eat) Whole Whelk

Whelks are supplied by a range of partner vessels from around the UK, they are graded by size before being cooked in the shell. Tight control and rigorous testing ensures a product not only delicious and a delight, but also safe to eat.

Frozen, Raw Whole Whelk

The same high quality, washed and graded whole whelks as our cooked product, without the cooking.

Frozen Whelk Meat

These whelks are processed for meat, graded by size, before being being frozen IQF. Glaze can be added as requested, and pack sizes are as per your needs.

Scallop Shells

Hand selected, these beautiful shells are individually cleaned and carefully graded for the food-service use. Available in boxes of 180 to 500 according to size.

Pride In Our Products

We are very proud of the products we supply. By being friendly and easy to deal with we balance professionalism with courtesy and amiability. This has served us well for more than 40 years. All supply and sales matters are handled by a company Director with over 25 years experience. So, whether it’s first time contact, or repeat business, you can be sure you will be talking to an expert who is passionate about the products on offer. Please contact us for further information.

“Coombe Fisheries Ltd is a major business partner for us. They know the dynamics of our market and being able to control the raw material from origin, they expertly advise us to achieve correct planning of the purchases throughout the year. Unique qualities that are hard to find in other suppliers.”