Any infectious disease, vomiting or diarrhoea is to be reported. If staff is suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea they must not attend for work and only return when they have been symptom free for 48 hours.

Heavy colds / coughs, eye / ear infections, boils and other temporary conditions must be reported.

If staff visits the doctor then they must inform the doctor that they work as food handlers.

Accidents or cuts must be reported to the management who will note them in the accident book, held in the main office. All cuts must be covered with blue, waterproof and metal detectable dressings.

Staff bringing medicines to the factory must not take them onto the shop floor.


No jewellery, with the exception of plain wedding rings and sleeper earrings /studs should be worn. This also includes watches and bangles, which can be a source of mould or glass.

Damage to spectacles and loss of contact lenses must be reported.

Food handlers may not wear false nails, nail polish or varnish. Excessive perfume or aftershave shall not be worn.

No smoking other than in the designated area.

No food or drink is to be consumed other than in the canteen, offices or own vehicles.

Maintenance contractors must use dust covers over surfaces where appropriate or    arrange to have equipment moved away from the work area.

Dress Code

All staff must attend for work cleanly dressed, shaven (where applicable) and in a presentable manner.

During working time all staff must wear the protective clothing that has been specified for them and must remove it prior to visiting the toilet or before smoking.

Van drivers must also wear white overalls or coat when delivering. Overalls must not be worn off site for any other reason than delivering.

Food Safety

Hands must be washed:

  • Before starting work
  • After handling raw product
  • After coughing, sneezing or using a handkerchief
  • After using tobacco, eating or drinking
  • After touching the face or hair
  • After handling waste

Hands must be washed after using the toilet facilities.

Wash hands and boots every time when entering or leaving a food handling area

Leave all equipment at work station and remove apron and gloves before leaving work area

Remove boots, overall and mob caps before entering toilet or going on a break

Boots must be cleaned upon entering and leaving food production areas